Construction Update

The project is 98% complete.  All asphalt has been placed at this time, as well as the final thermoplastic pavement markings.  The new traffic signage has been placed throughout the project limits.  New trees have been planted and a majority of the restoration is completed.  Some landscaping touch-ups are still required as well as the activation of the new traffic signals at Wadsworth Rd and Cambridge and IL 131 (Green Bay Rd).  The contractor will be working on site from time to time, completing the few remaining items, as well as doing the final clean-up and preparation for completion. 

Thank you for your patience during the intersection improvements process.

Construction Update

Paving of the final lift (layer) of hot-mix-asphalt surface started this week at Green Bay Rd and through the intersection at Wadsworth Rd.  Paving will be finished at Green Bay Rd first, then continue at Wadsworth Rd next week.

Week of 5/11/15:

  • Finish paving the final lift (layer) of hot-mix-asphalt surface at Green Bay Rd and Wadsworth Rd.
  • Pave remaining driveways and mailbox turn outs.
  • Start striping the final pavement markings.

After the paving is complete and the final pavement markings are in place, the new traffic signals will be activated at the intersections of Wadsworth Rd & Green Bay Rd and Cambridge Blvd, in addition to other cleanup work.