Construction Update

Hot-mix asphalt paving for the new roadway has continued this week. Grading crews are also preparing the aggregate base ahead of the paving operation and starting to final grade the parkway areas. Excavation for the detention basin expansion at Cambridge Blvd has resumed.

Week of 8/4/2014:

  • Finish excavation and final landscaping for the detention basin expansion at Cambridge Blvd.
  • Finish paving the HMA Binder Course on the south side of Wadsworth Rd and east side of Green Bay Rd.
  • Grade parkway and landscape.
  • Stripe roadway to move eastbound Wadsworth Rd and northbound Green Bay Rd to the new pavement.

Please be alert for a new traffic starting later next week.

Construction Update

Construction Update 7/25/2014

Hot-mix asphalt paving has started at Green Bay Road south of the intersection and will continue today at Wadsworth Road east. The HMA Binder Course will be paved as part of this stage and a final lift of HMA Surface will be left off until all of the new pavement can be surfaced at the same time.

Installation of conduit for the new traffic signals has also started by means of horizontal directional drilling.

Installation of a new 12’ x 3’ precast concrete box culvert was also completed for the south half of Wadsworth Road at the creek just east of Bayonne Avenue. This structure will help mitigate stormwater runoff.

Week of 7/28/2014:

• Finish fine grading aggregate base for paving
• Continue hot-mix asphalt paving
• Form & place the concrete end section at the south end of the box culvert

In approximately two weeks, eastbound and northbound traffic will be moved to the new pavement and the next stage will begin.

Construction Update

Concrete curb and gutter was placed this week on the south side on Wadsworth Road and east side of Green Bay Road.  Areas without curb and gutter will have aggregate or paved shoulders and allow stormwater to drain off the pavement into new ditching along the roadway, designed with greater stormwater capacity.  Excavation has also continued on the east side of Green Bay Road and is expected to be complete and aggregate base placed this week.  Fine grading of the aggregate base has also started in preparation for paving.

Week of 7/21/2014:

  • Finish placing concrete for curb and gutter
  • Continue fine grading aggregate base in preparation for paving
  • Start paving hot-mix asphalt